Monday, October 25, 2010

I am living in Oregon

It has a been a month now sense I moved here and for some reason it is still so fun to say...I live in Oregon. The truth is I love it here. Everyday I feel like God shows me a little more about this city or state that I personally love. All over Salem there are win vineyards. I had never ever seen one before I moved here and how I drive past them all the time. Its hard for me to describe how gourgousI think these vineyards are, If you want to understand you will just have to come visit. I also love the rain. I feel so much joy wash over me when I hear the rain falling all the time. rain is a gift from God in my world, it reminds me of my dear friend Alice and it makes me feel like God is pouring out his love onto me. They say it starts raining now and does not stop until February. I say bring on the rain!!! Most of all I love the cool of fall. Hot beverages and warm coats is my kind of weather. I don't know what the rest of the year will be like weather wise here in Salem but fall has been an A+ in my book.

God has been speaking to my heart that this is home. I don't really know what that means exactly. Is YWAM home for me? Is this base where I will be working out of? is this city/state suppose to be my home for a time? I don't really know what all goes along with this truth God is placing in my heart but I do know that I love the feeling of home.

I am doing well in Oregon

Monday, November 9, 2009

God encourages me

Who I am is not the problem.

Recently in class we took a personality test. I really do enjoy learning about the different ways people are wired. not only does it reveal things about people I know and myself, but it again shows me how awesome our God is and how he created us all differently. I know God did not make any mistakes when he created us, the world may tell you that being emotional is week or having big dreams are silly. I think God created you like that for a reason and he loves it. I also believe that God loves me the way I am. don't worry I do know I have flaws and God is working and will continue working on them until the day I die. That is sanctification!

According to the test I am a
harmonizing achiever
Which means I love people and Like to get things done.

Today, right now I believe God loves me just the way that I am.

God sent me a little encouragement!
Last weekend I was working a lunch-in baby shower and a women gave me a CD full of songs with the word "baby" in the title. It has been so fun waiting with excitement to see what the next song will be. From " my baby love" to "baby got back". Track three on this awesome CD is "My Baby Loves me just the way that I am" by Martina McBride. I have found so much encouragement in the lyrics and I hope that you can too.

Don't need no copy of vogue magazine
Don't need to dress like no Beauty Queen
High heels or sneakers, he don't give a damn
My baby loves me just the way that I am
My baby loves me just the way that I am

He never tells me I'm not good enough
Just give me unconditional love
He loves me tender and he loves me mad
He loves me silly and he loves me sad
He thinks I'm pretty, he thinks I'm smart
He likes my nerve and he loves my heart
He's always sayin' he's my biggest fan
My baby loves me just the way that I am
My baby loves me just the way that I am

And when there's dark clouds in my eyes
He just sits back and lets 'em roll on by
I come in like a lion go out like a lamb
My baby loves me just the way I am
My baby loves me just the way I am

Don't see no reason to change my plan
My baby loves me just the way I am
My baby loves me just the way I am

Artist: Martina
McBrideSong: My Baby Loves Me
Album: The Way That I Am

God loves me just the way that I am
and someday so will my husband!


debating is hard.
I think I lost a debt for Jesus the other day.

I never really thought of myself as a debater anyway but when it comes to thing that matters most I would like to be able to defend my faith. I know with everything inside me that God is real and sovereign. So why do I go speechless when someone challenges our god? why don't I have all the answers? I have been attending bible classes for two months now and I love learning about Gods word. I have been falling more in love with God threw this proses. But am I learning truth so that I can direct people to the answers they need. I don't know, Maybe I should be studying more? maybe I should be reteaching my lessons? There are so many thing I should and could be doing better.

The debt was about everything, God, the meaning of life, religion and anything else. Now I will say this guy loves to debt anyway so he naturally would be able to talk circle's around me. I know he is searching. I know he seeks truth because he is always reading books. But when he brought up the tough questions in my head I would think I know the truth but I have no words. no evidents for him to understand what I believe. If we were keeping score in this debt I would say it was 1 for me and 9 for him. He always had a oppion and his reason for doughting God. I am not mad that I lost this debt for God, because maybe its not a lose. God is the only one who can reveal truth to someones heart. all I can offer is love and prayer. I guess the reason I have been rethinking the whole thing over and over in my head is because I want to be the person who stands up for Jesus and defends there faith. I don't want to be week.

Less of me and more of God!
God is the only one I want speaking threw me.

I hope that this debt/conversation was glorifying to God. I hope he can use it in some way to plant a seed of truth. I know in my life I learned from the amazing believers around me. I want to show the world God is good. Because weather I said what I was suppose to or not. the facts and evidence remains the same. There is a God who loves us and who we will have to awnser to in the end.

God you know who this debt was with...bless him father and allow me to be a light for him in this dark world.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I am a bondservant

I have decided to start blogging...

God has been doing so much in and around my life. I just needed some wear to say it out loud!

I am a bondservant.

A bondservant if you don't know already is a slave that decides to stay and serve his master after he has been set free. I was a slave to sin and this world, but Jesus died on a cross for my sins and set me free. I make a choice to believe and now I choose to serve God because of how he loves me. One thing I am certain of is that God loves me more then I can understand. I am 25 years old and God has stepped in and rescued me several times, He has redeemed me, and he wants to us my life to glorify him. He guides me because he has a plain and his plan is always better then i could have ever imagined. He Perseus me in a way only he could.

God knows me and loves me the way I am.

I am also extremely blessed to be surrounded by a family of believers who love me so well. Brothers who lead me and look out for me. Sisters to encourage and challenge me. God has aloud me this year to live in community with some of the most amazing people. right now I am serving in Memphis, while attending Downline classes. I get to go to work and love on people while serving food. God meets me where I am at everyday and for all that I am thankful.

This life I give to you God, please don't ever let me go...Amen